nellie and i had come out to redmond, washington in about 1997 and i didn't get very involved with the music scene out here. i was trying to learn spanish and that led to hanging out at this iglesia latinoamericana church a bit, hence the couple of spanish tunes. later, my part time work band "trick mode" started to happen and i ended up writing a handful of tunes for that little endeavor.

Bad Guy (me singing)
Bad Guy (Ronal singing)
Tom and I went out to Jim's studio and did a really quick version of a tune of mine called "Bad Guy". Never really finished it of course, but there's a version of me doing vocals and one of Ronal's first attempts ever to sing in English.

Lo Hago Todo (Spanish version)
Ronal sang the Spanish flavor and somewhere there'a copy of me singing it in English. It's my one time outing doing a kinda Christian rock tune, not too bad I don't think. I also recorded five or six originals for Ronal which are probably all still lurking on my Yamaha AW16G somewhere. Ah ha. Found 'em on the old laptop. Ronal mixes.

Nellie and I went to the Yucatan pennisula of Mexico in 2003 and I bought a "bajo" for about $125 USD. It's a bit rough and tricky to play, but I immediately took it out to Jim Rushing's studio with Tom Green and goofed around with this track. Not terribly finished, but hey.

Crush (me singing)
Crush (Peter singing)
Peter's first lyric for Trick Mode and my first time writing music for his words. Turned out kinda cute. Always came off well live.

PennyWise (Peter singing)
Peter wrote these kinda silly lyrics. At first I did 'em up kinda John Mayer style but that wasn't working. A quick reshoot and it was reborn a bit more AC/DC which seemed to fit better. A really quick track done on my AW16G and Triton.

Miranda (Peter and Gary singing, acoustic)
Miranda (me singing, electric)
Miranda (youtube)
Some fun Shakespeare lyrics from Peter which I first recorded highly electronicked out on my Triton but then later did a quick remix as a Nirvana-like acoustic number. I kinda like it better simple.

Sometimes You Have to Leave
Sometimes You Have to Leave (youtube)
A remake of an old tune I did with Dawna with Maryann and Gary singing. We performed this one pretty frequently, good groove, you can dance to it.

Always Waiting
Fun haunting tune written by Maryann with music by moi. Don't know what the words mean but they'll all evocative and stuff.

Letting Go
From the 1980s, complete rework.

Always Wanting More
Enigmatic little tune of mine dating back at least to the 80s. I remember recording the hook at Creative Audio probably with Leon Reeder singing but it had some kind of different verse back then and was in a loping triplet feel. But everything in the attic comes back around sooner or later. This has me singing aided by Sonar's amazing pitch correction software. Always needed a little electric guitar on the verses and some work on the ending fade, but hey. Someday.

What's It Like Out There
Very unfinished tune by Maryann. She envisioned it as something very mellow and I recorded it all hard rock and stuff. Added Ken's violin and it ended up somewhere in between. Never quite recorded Maryann singing it but she did it live quite a bit.

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Had a family reunion in July of 2008 and by brother, his fiance, and I took a break from familiar functions to rent a studio for a few hours. We recorded two tunes, first time playing together since probably 1979, and it was a pile of fun. This is a reshoot of the Venezuela tune I did back in the 90s, but it's a much differentvibe. Instead of trumpet it's got kinda Pulp Fiction guitar and Linda does a kinda gutsier thing with it.

Staring at the Sun
This is the second tune Keith and I did but with me singing. Just a fun little rock tune that you get to play guitar riffs on.