Not doing much recording these days so far anyhow, but did one interesting reshoot of a tune I record back in about 1978.

Someone Cares - page with background info, a picture of us way back when, and links to the MP3s.

X and Y and Z and J with Danny and Garret

X and Y and Z and J with Joey and Sarah

The Best Is Yet To Come Danny

If I Should Fall Behind Wait For Me - cover of the Bruce Springsteen song

How'd We End Up Here - with my brother Keith

Bump It With My Trumpet - with my brother Keith and the boys (Danny on trumpet, Joey on tamborine and vocals)

Bump It With My Trumpet - Part 2 - more exuberant jamming.

Whatever - high school tune, piano riff by Ed Fliege, deep meaningful lyrics by me, drums programmed by my brother Keith.

I'll Be Looking Out For You - Danny's vocals
I'll Be Looking Out For You - same tune, my original working vocals

I Know What You're Thinking - This is a reshoot of a song I'd already recorded twice, still trying to get it right. This has my brother Keith playing drums and Linda doing vocals. Excellent performances by both. I apparently never really finished this track back in 2010 when we recorded it (they came up to visit us in Remond) but I found the tracks in 2023 and threw on some slide and keys and did a quick mix and here ya go.

(Nothing So Bad) You Can't Make It Worse - Another tune from the 2010 session up in Seattle, Steve Bivens singing, Keith playing drums (listen to the killer break at about 2:30) and me playing some straight up rock'n'roll guitar. Not one of my better tunes but nice perfomances by all.