Keith was the voice on a bunch of my tunes over the years. He ran successful cover bands but then around 1988 stepped out and started The Keith Harden Band playing mostly his originals.

It was a great phase of life, I was about 30 when you're mature enough to understand the world but everything is fresh and exciting. I don't know why, but in particular his tune Prisoner of Love spoke to me and was the soundtrack for that era. (That's the tune that should be automatically playing now but if it isn't, just click on the link below.

Prisoner of Love
Great guitar riff, blend between trance-like and rockin'. My all time favorite Keith tune.

Love or Addiction
Probably his biggest "hit" from that period, possibly auto-biographical regarding the woman he was with at the time.

Black and Blue
Recorded using my cheapo nylon string acoustic.

Blue Rose Blues
I don't remember the particulars but Blue Rose was some song title I had but no song.

Like A Millionaire

Trippy Hendrix-esque thing

Straight ahead rocker

He's written countless songs and I'll just refer you to for more background, pictures, tunes, etc.

And here are three tunes I unearthed that he wrote right after 9/11.