the best

for all the years of writing tunes i think i've only managed to come up with maybe four that i'm really proud of. repeated here from other pages so you don't have to listen to much stuff.

I Know What You're Thinking (Rose)
As close to writing a hit as I ever got. This one really lights up a bar room just sung as a simple duet.

Venezuela (Ginger)
Nice story lyric which bookends a phase of the ol' life.

And a beautiful reshoot with my brother.

Cowboys Always Ride Away (Dawna)
My favorite country effort, the lyric makes sense, the guitar hooks are fun, and altho Dawna and I never quite captured the chorus harmonies as I'd imagined them, it's pretty darn close.

Always Wanting More (me)
Me singing using Sonar's amazing pitch correction. It's a tune from the mid 80s I think with a different verse.